<be my family!>

Work: Design and Typography Workshop
Location: London
Date: 2021

Details: I wondered why typography appears to be a particularly male-dominated area of the design industry; where are the women, transgender and non-binary people in the world of typography? By bringing them together, being connected and being a type-family, I want to make space for underrepresented designers/artists to make the world of typography become gender-balanced.

    I devised ‘be my family!’ as a workshop to make a type-family of Bodoni20. This workshop will involve female and gender non-conforming designers/artists, to make interactions and create bonds by co-working, co-designing and co-publishing.

    A kit for ‘be my family!’ includes a paper with a word printed in Bodoni20, black inked pens, and a pen corrector. The participant can create a new version of Bodoni20 by modifying it with pens and pen correctors, a simple but effective way of creating typeface variants without starting from scratch. Designing a typeface was specialized and technical so that it tends to be biased to the group of people who already have relative skills. However, in this workshop, both participants and I will interact and get involved to create a typeface after the workshop. Even though each version looks different, all different versions will be involved in the type-family of Bodoni20 since they come from the same root.

I’m currently looking for participants in this movement.

I will be pleased if you come.
Please, be my family!