<The Book Is Dead>

Work: Editorial Design and Artwork
Location: Seoul
Date: 2016

Details: This is a book ‘redesign’ for Sherman Young's The Book Is Dead. On the outside, this book does not contain any letters or text. There are only black text blocks on each page. However, a very closer look will reveal the prose printed on the other side of the pages. Only when one discovers these hidden text and makes the effort of cutting the paper apart will that person be able to read the text.

    Intentionally designed to be such an inconvenient book, it points out that how the physical form of conventional books has made people shy away from reading long prose. For those who do not read a book closely but flips through the pages, the book may well be a pile of paper with geometric black shapes. For those who read closely, the book offers 200 pages of text that is to be read with time.

    There is something fundamentally more ambitious in reading besides ‘informational purposes.’ This on this fundamental level is both private and public. As Alberto Manguel stated in A History of Reading, reading is a very personal thing and has the potential to change the world. Hence, a good book achieve things that other art forms can never achieve.