<ShinShin Women>

Work: Type Design
Location: London & Seoul
Date: 2018~2020

Details: This ShinShin Women typeface is designed to show the morphological features of the typeface used in Shinyeoseong (literally meaning ‘new women’), the women’s magazine published in the 1920s and 1930s that targeted modern women at the time.

    Within the theme of ‘different evaluation on the same phenomenon’ with the material of ‘new women’, I designed a typeface based on Chinese lettering used in the cover of Shinyeoseong. The lettering work was targeted modern women at the time, however, reproduced in digital files, this typeface today gives a vintage look or retro vibe.

    Designed for headlines or titles, the font features thick vertical strokes. It also reproduces modules that fully fill up a square. 
This typeface involved delicate work to highlight the details such as the arrow-shaped serif found in the original form of 新女性(Shinyeoseoung) and warping the beginning of the stroke to prevent ink clumping.

    In this project, I focused on converting Chinese lettering into a Korean digital typeface at first. Then the Korean typeface was translated into Latin alphabet typeface in 2020.