<JP Bodoni 20>

Work: Type Design
Location: London
Date: 2021

Details: The typeface Bodoni is often used for the title of women's magazines. However, ironically, it is designed by a male designer, and refined by many male designers, since type design's root was in the historically male-dominated world of printing. In the 2020s, the environment of typeface usage has changed. Typesetting is not only limited to printed matter - many magazines, newspapers, and books are now published online. As the typeface environment has changed, I insist the shape (system) of typefaces should adjust to the change.

    Bodoni20 reinterprets the typeface Bodoni by a female designer who is working within this digital environment. The type-family of Bodoni20 should be expanded with female and gender non-conforming designers/artists in the 2020s.